Neogence 保濕原液|清爽型保濕



$27X to $29X @ SASA


Neogence是台灣的醫美品牌,聽說很多台灣醫生推薦使用呢!這枝原液更是品牌第一件推出的産品。原液的質地比較稀身,屬清爽型,塗上面後很快被皮膚吸收,不會留有黏立的感覺。妝前使用亦可,不會有擦膠碎!但我本身的皮膚偏乾,所以這枝原液對我來說不夠保濕,相信會比較適合皮膚較油的你!Neogence 推出很多套裝,十分抵買,有空都可以可SASA看看啊! 🙂

Neogence is a medical beauty brand from Taiwan which is recommended by many local doctors. This essence was even their kick-off product when they firstly launched the brand!This is definitely a light serum which absorbs into your skin in a second and it does not leave your skin feeling greasy. You can use it before doing makeup, I could apply my foundation smoothly on top of it. Yet, I have a relatively dry skin and I feel like this essence is not hydrating enough. If you have oily skin, I do recommend it to you! This brand has many boxsets for sale which are very economical. You may check out their counter at SASA! 🙂

(全為自購産品; All of the products are purchased by myself)


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