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Visee 是KOSE 的開架副線品牌, 主攻中低價化妝品。
之前都有看過其他Blogger推介, 今次就試試他們家的唇膏。

Visee is the drugstore line of KOSE.  Many bloggers have recommended
their products and now I am going to try their lippy!!


(Color: PK 820)照片有點色差, 實物應會再鮮色一點。

(About $125 @SASA)
起初是被它們古典的包裝吸引, 暗黑色的銀管配上黑色蕾絲花紋和蝴蝶圖案,

相信所有女孩都會被吸引。用了一陣子,我對這枝唇膏非常滿意, 顯色而且夠潤,。
我本身的嘴唇不太乾, 不塗潤唇膏只用它都不會覺得乾。個人不太喜歡太實色的效果,
所以只薄薄上一層, 再用指腹印開。

The delicate package of this lipstick caught my attention once I stepped into SASA.
The floral patterns printed on the lipstick are hands down the best combination.
The photos above are slightly different from its actual color, which should be brighter.
Anyway, you may check out at sasa counter.Having been using it for a good while, I am really impressed by its quality.Good pigmentation and hydrating. I do not have very dry lips so I can just use it without applying lip balm. Put on a thin layer and blend it with your finger would give you a natural look. Of course, you can still use it to create a dramatic look if you like ha!

(全為自購産品; All of the products are purchased by myself)






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