MD Skinical Hydromax Essence 保濕精華


MD skinical ($238); Loveisderma($190); both@ fingershopping


呢個品牌都算新喎!應該係香港launch左唔係好耐,咁我好鐘意試唔同精華嘅,特別係保濕精華,所以見有新野就入手左喇!一見到佢樽身寫有 Vitamin B3同B5我就諗起Loveisderma個枝保濕精華! 所以特意買番支Loveisderma做個比較啦!跟手再對一對個成份表係一模一樣,只係排位唔一樣,但MD Skinical比L牌貴小小。我係混合性偏乾嘅皮膚,用完一支MD Skinical,我覺得佢係我身上唔夠保濕,之後要用番個滋潤D嘅cream。 反而Loveisderma個個就幾夠補濕喇,之後用個light mosturiser 就夠!如果你皮膚都係偏乾,我會推介你買Loverisderma!

MD skinical has just launched in Hong Kong. As a blogger who loves trying different serum, particularly moisturizing serum, I decided to give it a try. On its bottle it says it contains Vitamin B3 and B5, which reminded me a lot of the Loveisderma serum that makes the same claims. Therefore, I bought Loveisderma as well to do a comparison for you guys. Now I have finished up one MD skinical serum, I think it is not moisturizing enough for my combination dry skin. I still have to add a thick moisturizing cream afterwards. While Loveisderma is much more hydrating, I only have to apply a light moisturizer on top of it. If you have dry skin like I do, I recommend you buying Loveisderma!

(全為自購産品; All of the products are purchased by myself)


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