DR MUL Rejuvenating Serum 骨膠原精華


$349/ 20ml @vivien yeo beauty store
Ingredient list

楊秀惠(Vivien)代理的產品, 價錢挺貴的,只有20ml的份量售349大元,所以對它要求比較高也是正常吧。買它的主要原因除了是因為看到Vivien的介紹,更是因為看到Youtuber大推,指它有效提升膚質。聽到這裡我對它真的沒有抵抗力呀,立刻帶了它回家。

但可惜,it does not work on me. 對我而言它只是一枝保濕精華,保濕力是很不錯的而且精華帶有一種讓人很放鬆的香味。天天晚上搽serum時邊嗅到宜人的香氣實在太relaxing。所以如果你碰巧想買一枝新的保濕精華,我也會推介你試試看。可如果你是希望買一枝改善膚質的精華的話,買它你可能會失望了。:)

Vivien has recently launched DR MUL serum in her store, which is quite pricey since it retails for $349/ 20 ml. I definitely have a higher expectation because of the price tag that I paid. I did not buy it solely because of Vivien but also another Youtuber who raved about it, for it had tremendously improved her skin condition and texture. I just bought it straightaway after hearing her comments! !

But sadly, it does not work on me. For me, it is just a normal moisturizing serum which is highly hydrating I have to say. It also has a very relaxing scent that you feel like you are in a paradise every time you apply it. If you feel like trying something new, I still recommend you trying it as it does a great job in hydrating your skin (FYI, I have combination dry skin). Yet, if you are looking for one that could improve you skin condition, it is definitely not the one. 🙂

(全為自購産品; All of the products are purchased by myself)


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